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An index of memorabilia, news & media coverage and clippings, oral histories, and 50th anniversary news and notes index. Includes Henry Mills Winston scrapbook materials.

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Landscaping: 1964 Evening Star Article | 50th Anniversary Brochure

25th Anniversary:

Stowell, Kerry H., ed. Watergate East: Anniversary Issue 1964-1992.
Washington, D.C.: Panic Press, 1992. [Folder: 59 pages in images.]

Due to the personal nature of some of the historic information, please email if you would like information about Watergate history that is listed on, but not linked from, this web site. Please include your name, contact information, what you are requesting and the reason for your request. The 3 indexes link to documents, oral histories, biographies, media & press clippings, marketing materials, and more.