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Listed here are news stories and other Watergate memorabilia from the collections of current residents (as of March 2014). They are listed chronologically with a link to the piece. Many thanks to these residents for sharing their personal papers.

Due to the personal nature of some of this historic information, please email if you would like information about Watergate history that is listed on, but not linked from, this web page. Please include your name, contact information, what you are requesting and the reason for your request.

NOTE: some of these are large PDF files and may take several seconds to open.


Oral History Project

Watergate East is collecting oral histories from residents, staff, and the development teams. The oral history project began in 2013, lasting 2 years. The histories will be included here as they are transcribed and authorized. Other oral histories of some Watergate residents are located in the Digital DC project at George Washington University.

Due to the personal nature of these oral histories, please email if you would like a copy. Be specific as to what you are requesting.

BERNARD BURT: charter member of Watergate Hotel Health Club and Foggy Bottom resident.

WILLIAM G. DAKIN: Watergate East resident since 1990; past WEI board member.

GEORGE ARNSTEIN: Watergate East resident since 1965; past WEI board member.


Newspaper | Radio | Television | Internet

More clippings and articles: Henry Winston scrapbook.

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"Peoples Life Moving To New Headquarters." Washington Post 1958c.

"Foggy Bottom Land Sale Is Confirmed." Washington Post 1959c.

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"Whitehurst Controversy." Washington Post 1960c.

"Sports Center Dedication." 1960.

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Photo 1: Robert F. Marlow unit
Photo 2: Robert E. McCord unit
Photo 3: Joel Barlow, Penthouse

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"Behind the walls of Watergate." BBC Newshour 1 Nov 2015. The Watergate Complex is 50 years old. Washington Post writer Michele Langevine Leiby is a resident and shares some insights into the distinctive collection of buildings and residents.



Eljer Fine Plumbing Fixtures. Advertisement. c.1965).

Hotel. Newspaper Advertisement (1967).

Opening Watergate West. Newspaper Advertisement (1969).

This is Watergate Now: Watergate South. Newspaper Advertisement (26 Feb 1971).


Marketing Materials

Postcard given to new residents to announce their move to Watergate. (c.1965).

"The Story of Watergate". Brochure. Riverview Realty (c.1965).

"62 ways to spend money in Watergate without buying an apartment." Les Champs/Mall/Restaurants Brochure (1966).

"Watergate East: Washington's Consummate Cooperative Apartment Residence." Brochure. Riverview Realty (1966).

"Watergate Office Building." Brochure. Riverview Realty (c.1966).

Watergate 600 Brochure. Cushman Wakefield (c.1995).



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Molinari, Luca. "The Italian Legacy in Washington D.C.: Architecture, Design, Art and Culture; Interview with Giuseppe Cecchi, Developer of the Watergate Complex June 15, 2007." NYC: Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., 2008. [Published with permission from Rizzoli 1 Nov 2011.]


Hotel Memorabilia

Tardio, Mary Lou, ed. "The Watergate Hotel Review." The Watergate Hotel Winter 1975, Volume 3, Number 3.

Tardio, Mary Lou, ed. "The Watergate Hotel Review." The Watergate Hotel Spring 1975, Volume 3, Number 4.

Sales Brochure. c.2003.

Belles Rives at the Watergate. Monument Realty brochure cover. c.2005.



Construction of Watergate West. 1968.


Historic Memorabilia

Welcome Letter to Purchaser (18 Aug 1964).

Watergate Improvement Associates. "Memo regarding Stage IV development of Watergate," 22 Oct 1968. The memo explains the subdivision of Watergate South into two sections: residential and office.

Stowell, Kerry H., ed. Watergate East: Anniversary Issue 1964-1992.
Washington, D.C.: Panic Press, 1992. [Folder: 59 pages in images.]

Committee to Preserve the Watergate Heritage, Inc. & Traceries Inc., Watergate Complex Historic Designation Application Cover. 2 Feb 2005.

National Register of Historic Places, Application Form. 20 Apr 2005: 66 pages.

Decision, District of Columbia Historic Preservation Review Board. 2005.

Stowell, Kerry H., "City Within a City: an online exhibit created to celebrate the addition of the Kerry Stowell/Watergate East, Inc. Papers to the GWU Libraries Special Collections Research Center." 2012.